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War to Peace Transitions

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Term 2

This module is a seminar-based module with no lectures. It is, therefore, aimed at students with a high degree of commitment to independent work. Students make detailed presentations in collaboration in a small group and discussion, with the intervention of teachers, develops around these presentations.

The module aims to provide students with a knowledge of the main issues and debates in the burgeoning literature on conflict resolution, peace building, DDR programmes (disarmament, demobilisation, and reintegration), and post-conflict reconstruction. The module encourages a critical perspective on the literature, on the local, national and regional politics of war to peace transitions, and on international interventions (which, for example, are often influenced by what has been tagged the ‘liberal peace’ perspective).

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

The module aims to give students the analytical tools and case study knowledge to be able to make informed assessments of experiences and policy proposals for war to peace transitions and post-conflict reconstruction. It aims to be intellectually challenging and also to give students knowledge that will help them in the labour market-especially given the increasing significance in recent years of post-conflict reconstruction programmes and interventions.

The module aims to develop in the students the capacity for mature and speedy "finding out", teamwork, and presentation: this we will do through a teaching approach that does without lectures and relies on seminars in which small groups will present and lead discussion each week.


Teaching takes place through a weekly 2 hour seminar – there are no lectures.

Method of assessment

50% exam, 50% coursework. Each student will be expected to submit one essay of no more than 5000 words, worth 50%. Resubmission of coursework deadlines apply.


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