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International human resource management

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This course introduces the basic concepts of International Human Resource Management, by examining the functions and processes of HRM and discussing the operation of HRM within the UK and US. The course then focuses on the regions that are the concern of the MSc programmes: China, Japan and MENA, and asks to what degree the UK/US model of HRM can be applied in those regions. The role and operation of both ‘home-grown’ and ‘western-style’ HRM is further examines in both the lectures and tutorials.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

The objectives of the course are: to introduce basic concepts expressed in international Human Resource Management (HRM); to explore the application of key HRM systems in the MSc regions of China, Japan, the Middle East and North Africa (referred to below as "the regions"); to question how far British/ American concepts of HRM apply in the MSc regions
By the end of the course students shtould have an understanding of how HRM contributes to operations in their region of interest

Method of assessment

Assessment for this course is by one tutorial presentation at 10%; an essay of 4,000 words at 30%; an unseen written examination at 60% of the total grade; all elements except the presentation may be resubmitted

Suggested reading

  • International Journal of Human Resource Management
  • Briscoe, Dennis & Randall S. Schuler (2004). International Human Resource Management. Taylor & Francis
  • Budhwar, Pawan ed., (2004). Managing Human Resources in Asia-Pacific. Routledge.
  • Budhwar, Pawan & Kamel Mellahi eds. (2006). Managing Human Resources in the Middle-East. Routledge


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