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Encountering the Other: The Middle East during the Crusading Period 15PHIH037

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Module Not Running 2022/23
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During the Crusading period populations from Latin Europe and the Arabic Middle East experienced the closest interaction in the pre-modern period. Traditionally seen in terms of warfare and military conflict this course aims at offering a wider perspective on the two centuries between 1098 and 1291. Students will discuss a range of issues including diplomatic relations, perceptions of the Other, daily life and modern perceptions of the Crusading period.  In order to get a more refined understanding of what forms the encounter took, students will consider primary sources beyond the standard chronicles, for instance travel literature, poetry, documentary sources and material culture. Throughout the course we will try to come to terms with the question how we can write a history of this period beyond binary notions such as Crusade vs. jihad and Franks vs Muslims.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of the course the students:

(1) Gained insights into medieval Middle Eastern history.

(2) Acquired a strong understanding of how medieval Middle Eastern societies reacted to the Crusading movement.

(3) Have knowledge of the pertinent sources.

(4) Are able to critically assess prevailing approaches to the subjects covered.

(5) Be able to write a competent well-structured essay making substantial use of primary materials.

Method of assessment

Essay of 3,000 words worth 80% of the final mark, Reaction paper/book review of 1,000 words worth 20% of the final mark

Suggested reading

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    Selected Primary Sources in Translation

  • D.S. Richards: The Chronicle of Ibn al-Athir for the Crusading Period from al-Kamil fi 'l-ta'rikh, part 1: The years 491-541/1097-1146 (Aldershot 2006); part 2: The Years 541-589/1146-1193 (2007); part 3: The Years 589-629/1193-1231 (2008).
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