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Reconfiguring the Global

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This module is based on an open seminar consisting of a series of themed talks with speakers from within the History department, SOAS and the wider academic community. It is designed to critically engage with the notion of capitalism as an economic, social and political system that dominates not only human life across the globe, but also the entire living world. It has a huge impact on individuals and societies and lies at the heart of many issues humanity has to grapple with in order to ensure the lives of future generations. This seminar is designed as an interdisciplinary endeavour to explore the potential to reconfigure the ways in which we understand the past, present and future of the planet, in an effort to address inequality, injustice, discrimination, marginalisation, erasure – towards histories of being human in this world and futures that allow every single individual to thrive.
As an option in our MA programme, this module is designed to enable conversations about these issues across disciplinary and departmental borders, introduce students to ongoing debates, and enable them to participate in them. It is meant to provide a collegial and stimulating environment for students to develop their own ideas and projects.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:

  • understand in a new way the historical dimensions of some of the issues that lie at the heart of the SOAS mission to work towards greater equality, justice and freedom in our world;
  • formulate questions and comments based on scholarly talks and accompanying materials and engage in academic debates in an informed and confident way;
  • develop their own research projects, drawing on the knowledge and resources introduced and contacts made in the seminar.


2 hours of teaching per week over 20 weeks.

Method of assessment

  • Portfolio of 5000 words (100%)


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