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Korean Applied Linguistics and Language Pedagogy

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Module Not Running 2017/2018
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Term 2

This course will provide the language-specific pedagogy component to the Korean pathway of the MA in Applied Linguistics and Language Pedagogy. We will focus specifically on exploring and discussing problems of pedagogy and acquisition that are of direct import to the teaching of Korean and the experiences of our students. Particular importance will be placed, on the one hand, on areas
of the Korean language that pose particular problems to language learners and, on the other hand, on areas where Korean language pedagogical practices require further development in order to address the needs of learners.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of the course, students should be able to demonstrate the following abilities:

  1. An ability to understand key issues in Korean language pedagogy and critically analyse Korean teaching methodologies, practices and materials
  2. An ability to carry out independent research into Korean teaching methodologies, practices and materials
  3. An ability to apply academic analysis of Korean language pedagogy directly onto the practice of teaching Korean in the language classroom
  4. An ability to teach Korean according to a communication-based approach and discuss and reflect on such teaching experiences


This course will be taught over 10 weeks with a 2 hour lecutre classroom contact per week.  There will be lesson observation (by arrangement) and occasional tutorials, discussions of observations and preparation of supervised teaching.

Scope and syllabus

  1. Introduction to Korean language pedagogy and applied linguistics
  2. Topics in Korean grammar pedagogy 1: particles
  3. Topics in Korean grammar pedagogy 2: Verb endings
  4. Topics in Korean grammar pedagogy 3: modifiers
  5. Approaches to teaching Korean honorifics and politeness
  6. Culture in the KSL classroom
  7. Approaches to teaching Korean phonology
  8. Approaches to teaching the Korean lexicon
  9. Using multimedia in Korean teaching
  10. Evaluating Korean textbooks

Method of assessment

This course is assessed by one unseen written paper (50%); one essay of 2000 words (30%); evaluation of supervised teaching (20%).


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