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Practical Translation from and into Persian

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The course aims to enhance and structure students' practical skills in translation from, and into, Persian, as well as provide them with an intellectual perspective on the activity of translation. The emphasis is mainly on advanced translation skills from Persian into English. However, guidelines and practice for translating from English into Persian are also a major part of the syllabus. Students study a variety of texts including literary, fictional, journalistic and biographical prose.


An appropriate level of competence in Persian is required.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of the course a student should be able to translate texts (Persian and English) on a wide range of topics containing highly complex grammatical structures.

Scope and syllabus

Teaching is divided into lectures (one hour weekly) and seminars (two hours weekly) across 22 weeks. The lectures inform the students of general linguistic issues related to Persian and cover translation strategies and aspects of advanced grammar. In the seminar sessions, students focus on particular problems based on their own reading and attempts at translation of preset texts. More general topics relevant to their work are discussed.

Method of assessment

One three-hour written examination in May-June (60% of the final mark), and two pieces of coursework of 3500-4000 words each (each 20%), to be submitted on the first day after Reading Week of Term 2, and the first day of Week 2 of Term 3.

Suggested reading

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Literary histories, background reading and selected translations
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