451 Medical Anthropology: An Introduction

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Year 3
Term 2
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FHEQ Level

Module overview

This module looks at health and medicine from an anthropological perspective, considering health as both a biological and a sociopolitical and historical matter. Students learn how to understand various kinds of medical practice as cultural systems embedded in diverse historical and social contexts. Topics include, among others, the social social constuction and experience of illness and health; various forms of medical practices and cultures; current bioethical issues pertinent to biomedical technologies, pandemics, and biomedical research; and the social and political experiences of health matters.


Guided option for Year 3 students on:

  • BA Social Anthropology

Open option for Year 3 students on:

  • BA Social Anthropology
  • BA Social Anthropology and...

This module is also a School-wide Open Option (Year 3).

Prerequisite: 212 Theory in Anthropology


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