498A/B Directed Readings in Anthropology (T1/T2)

Key information

Year of study
Final year
Term 1 and 2
Module code
Term 1 (A): 155800099 - Term 2 (B): 155800100
Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Module overview

This module offers an opportunity for highly motivated, self-disciplined students to pursue individual academic interests in subject areas that fall within the expertise of SOAS anthropologists, but are not covered by regular module offerings.

As the module consists largely of independent study, enrolment is only at the discretion of the module convenor -- the Anthropology Director of Learning and Teaching -- who reviews proposed topics and study plan agreements.

Interested students should consult with the DLT and/or a prospective supervisor during Term 2 of the preceding year. Applicants must submit the online Directed Readings proposal form during the module enrolment period for review by the DLT. Successful applicants will be expected to prepare a study plan agreement with the designated supervisor by the beginning of the term.

Note: The proposed directed readings may not duplicate or reflect content of any regularly offered modules. The scope of work should match the intellectual challenge, intensity and time commitment of a standard 15-credit module.

This module is offered both Term 1 as 498A Directed Readings in Anthropology (T1) and in Term 2 as 498B Directed Readings in Anthropology (T2). Students can take either one - they are not consecutive.


Guided option, open by application only to final-year students on the single-honours BA Social Anthropology.

To be admitted onto the module, students must successfully propose a topic during the module enrolment period. In rare cases approval may be given during the first week of the term for students who have been studying abroad or on leave the previous year.


This module is entirely independent study, with a total of two hours of supervision (typically during office hours) over the course of the term.


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