Advanced Topics in Linguistics

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Module overview

In this final-year module, students are given the opportunity to work with their peers in depth and at an advanced level on a topic of interest in linguistics, typically in the domain of syntax and/or semantics. At the beginning of the module, the area of focus for the lecture component of the module is determined according to the expertise of the staff member(s) available to teach on the module, as well as student preference where possible. The module is assessed by a combination of group presentations and individual written presentation plans, as well as critical reflections on the presentations. Students are divided into groups near the beginning of the module and each group chooses a specific topic from the material covered in the lectures with a view to working together on this topic, primarily in the module seminars, in order to plan, research, construct and deliver their group presentation. Each member of the group delivers an equal portion of the presentation.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module


Learning Outcomes

Students completing this module will:

  1. Work in a team to plan and deliver an effective presentation
  2. Show knowledge and understanding of an advanced topic in linguistics
  3. Critically reflect on and show awareness of different contexts of knowledge production in linguistics
  4. Critically reflect on work done and find ways to learn from mistakes made




Two hour's contact time each week.


Scope and syllabus


The precise syllabus for this module varies according to the expertise of the staff teaching it, as well as student preference where possible, but typical themes in syntax and/or semantics dealt with in the lectures include presentation and discussion of formal models such as Lexical Functional Grammar, Dynamic Syntax, or Discourse Representation Theory.


Method of assessment


  • Presentation Plan (500 words), worth 15% of total mark for the module
  • Essay (2500 words), worth 50% of the total mark for the module
  • Group Presentation (circa 30 mins), worth 5% of the total mark for the module
  • Critical reflection on presentation (1000 words), worth 30% of the total mark for the module
  • The exact assessment deadline dates are published on the relevant module Moodle/BLE page



Dr Maria Flouraki


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