African Feminisms: Theories, Politics and Action

Key information

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Department of Politics and International Studies

Module overview

This is a critical gender studies course that offers post graduate students an understanding of the diverse ways in which African feminisms have evolved across the African continent. The course proceeds from both a gender and queer theory perspective to unpacking how African feminist interventions have ruptured state/society relations organised around gendered, racialised and classed hierarchies. This course is not designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of the African continent neither does it attempt to offer full coverage of the African continent. What it does is provide students with the theoretical tools to analyse activisms, research and policy making institutions set up to challenge power and resisting injustice. The pedagogical approach to the course is centred on providing practical examples to illustrate the evolution, reversals and contestations that have shaped feminist politics and activisms in Africa.

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African Feminisms module video by Awino Okech

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

  • Critically assess the contributions of African feminist scholarship to gender theory
  • Develop the intellectual skills to critically reflect on African feminist praxis and research
  • Acquire relevant knowledge about gender theory, gender and feminist politics in Africa
  • Develop innovative research questions and topics in relation to feminisms in Africa


One-hour lecture, each week.

Method of assessment

  • 1,500 word essay, worth 30% of the total mark for the module.
  • 3,000 word essay, worth 70% of the total mark for the module.


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