China's Economic Transformation

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Module overview

This module looks at the economic development of China since 1949, with a primary emphasis on the post-1978 era.  Its purpose is to apply economic theory to analyse the dynamics of China's economic transformation and assess its developmental performance.  Topics covered include: growth and industrialisation, enterprise reform, reforms of the financial system, and the role of the state in economic development.

Students pursuing a degree external to the Department of Economics should contact the convenor for approval to take this module.

Method of assessment

Assessment weighting: Exam 70% / coursework 30% (1 essay 2500 words). All coursework is resubmittable.

Suggested reading

Core Reading List:
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  • Li, Minqi (2016) China and the Twenty-First Century Crisis, London, Pluto
Additional Reading:
  • Hart-Landsberg, M. and P. Burkett (2005) China and Socialism:  Market Reforms and Class Struggle, New York, Monthly Review Press.
  • Kueh, Y.Y. (2008), China's New Industrialization Strategy, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.
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