Classical Ottoman Texts

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Term 2
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Module overview

A study of Ottoman prose and poetry of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. The module covers the development and function of Ottoman prose writing. Poetry, including divan poetry, is studied through selections from major authors.



Successful completion of Ottoman Turkish language or equivalent knowledge of Ottoman.


Objectives and learning outcomes of the module



An critical assessment of the history and development of classical Ottoman literature and a close reading from various genres.

Learning outcomes:

  1. students will gain familiarity and critical understanding of a number of texts and genres of Ottoman literature
  2. students will develop critical skills in discussing and writing about the literary (language, style) and social dimensions of Ottoman writing.
  3. students will acquire an advanced understanding of the Ottoman literary language.



The module is taught two hours per week.

Scope and syllabus


The material is studied both in the Ottoman script and in transcription. The module includes background lectures and required reading in both English and modern Turkish on aspects of Ottoman literary history and poetry.


Method of assessment

One written examination in May-June (80% of the final mark); one assessed essay of approx. 2500 words, due first day of Term 3 (10%); one transcription and translation assignment, due last day of Term 2 (10%).

Suggested reading

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