Cultural Diplomacy (Online Module)

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This module will tackle the important topic of Cultural Diplomacy, an increasingly vital component of public diplomacy and international relations. The module will investigate the role of culture as a soft power tool to be used as a solution for bridge building and international dialogue, with the consideration that the 21st Century world’s challenges, such as migration, radicalization and climate change are largely culture based.

The module will address the theories of culture and diplomacy and their relationship to one another, whilst asking the questions: ‘how has globalization changed the way in which diplomacy is practiced?’ and ‘how can the use of culture foster more effective diplomatic practices?’.

The Cultural Diplomacy module will focus on a study of the key traditional building blocks of cultural diplomacy – public diplomacy, propaganda and soft power – to enable students to gain an in depth understanding of where cultural diplomacy fits within the larger international affairs arena, and to equip them with the skills they need to develop as cultural diplomacy practitioners.

Students will additionally gain an understanding of the non-state actor led practice of cultural relations and the key actors engaged in this field, including artists, citizens, NGOs, corporates and academics, allowing students to develop a well rounded academic foundation in the complex field of cultural diplomacy.

All modules are subject to availability and are subject to change from session to session.

Suggested reading

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