Curating Cultures

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Start date
End date
Year of study
Term 2
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FHEQ Level
Department of History of Art and Archaeology & School of Arts

Module overview

Curating Cultures is designed to equip students with a range of critical, theoretical and practical approaches to curating. Themes and issues addressed on the course will include: histories and ideologies of curating; theories of collecting, interpreting objects and writing exhibition texts; contemporary issues and critical debates; exhibition programming and design; collections management and conservation. In particular, the course will provide an in-depth knowledge of the practical, intellectual and ethical issues involved in the interpretation and display of the SOAS teaching collections, and will culminate in student-led, group exhibitions of these collections in the Wolfson Gallery, SOAS Library. By providing practical, hands-on experiences of curating, the course will develop students’ knowledge and understanding of aspects of the exhibition development process, as well as team-working, organisational and communication skills. The course will appeal to students wishing to pursue careers as curators in museums or galleries in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theory and practice of curating.
  • Critically analyse the role of museums and galleries in the production of meaning and value to objects via practices of collecting, display, conservation and interpretation.
  • Appreciate the institutional and professional contexts within which curators work.
  • Identify the specific issues arising from researching, interpreting and displaying the SOAS teaching collections.
  • Gain experience of team-based work, exhibition development and presentation skills.


  • One hour lecture, one hour tutorial

Scope and syllabus

  1. Introduction: histories and ideologies of curating
  2. The SOAS collections
  3. Theories of collecting
  4. Interpreting objects
  5. Interpreting museum texts
  6. Contemporary curating: issues and debates
  7. Exhibition planning and design
  8. Collections management and conservation
  9. Installation of student exhibitions in Wolfson Gallery, SOAS Library
  10. Group presentations

Method of assessment

  • One 2,000-word essay (worth 70%)
  • One 1,000-word group exhibition portfolio and one 20-minute group presentation (worth 30%)

Suggested reading

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