Digital Government and Regulation

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Year 1
Term 1
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School of Finance and Management

Module overview

The rise of the blockchain technology and Distributed Electronic Ledgers (DELs) resulted in various opportunities and threats to existing economic and societal systems.

Cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets pose various issues concerning, for example, their impact on monetary policy, payment systems, international financial flows, crime and taxation. Opportunities from the blockchain are offered in various areas like, for example, recording supply chain transactions and providing certified digital identities and qualifications.

The module aims to provide participants with the basic theoretical knowledge and critical tools for a comprehensive understanding of blockchain and (DEL) technology and its implications for business, financial institutions and markets, government and society. Issues that will be discussed include innovations such as the development of new business models, the disruption of existing strategies in sectors like banking and financial services, the full range of advantages, the limitations and risks of central bank-controlled digital currencies, and possible forms of distributed public services. The course will draw examples and case studies from the very early instances of the application of Blockchain and DEL.

The lectures will be very interactive. Students will be expected to participate actively through individual tasks and group discussions, where they will develop skills and capabilities about applying theories and methods to the opportunities and challenges posed by the blockchain and DEL technologies. In classes, students will be required to analyse and present assigned case studies.

Objectives and learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the prospects for applying DEL and Blockchain technology to various areas including cryptocurrencies and smart contracts
  • Explain the implications of DEL and Blockchain in terms of how it is likely to affect the future of business, banking and financial services, financial markets, central banking and government
  • Evaluate the current debate around the modelling of DEL and Blockchain economy and the regulation and governance of DEL and Blockchain
  • Critically appraise the economic and social impact of DEL and Blockchain technology.


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