Diplomacy and Power: International Actors in the Middle East (Online Module)

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The Middle East has long been an area of interstate conflict and an important area for proxy conflict of global great powers as well as regional actors. This module will investigate the Diplomacy and Power politics of key regional and Global actors in the Middle East region and how they leverage these to achieve their national objectives. This module will also engage with key international organisations such as the UN and Arab League. It will focus on the region from the End of the Cold War to the present day.

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Suggested reading

Matthew D. Crosston Cold War and Ayatollah Residues: Syria as a Chessboard for Russia, Iran, and the United States Strategic Studies Quarterly Vol. 8, No. 4 (WINTER 2014), pp. 94-111
Mearsheimer, J.J. (2001). The tragedy of great power politics. New York: W.W.


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