Directed Study in Industry

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Module overview

'Directed Study in Industry’ allows students to work with an institution, organisation or enterprise involved in the creative and cultural industries. Students will identify an institution, organisation or enterprise in which to work as an unpaid intern. The internship must afford work or other practical experience in a field directly related to their course of study. Students will identify a supervisor, who may facilitate the identification of potential institutions, organisations or enterprises. However, the responsibility for identifying internship sites will ultimately rest with students.

Students must register for ‘Directed Study in Industry’ at the beginning of Term 1 in the year in which they take the course. They must either register for an appropriate skills courses (chosen from Digital and Traditional Broadcasting Communication, Sound Recording and Production, Media Production Skills) or demonstrate to the convenor of the course that they already have appropriate skills before embarking on this course.


The internship will comprise between 100 and 150 hours of work, plus three one-hour tutorials spread across the year.

Method of assessment

By Monday following Reading Week in Term 1, students will submit a proposal to the convenor that (a) outlines what they will do and (b) gives an annotated bibliography of 15-20 works relevant to the internship (750-1,000) words, plus annotated bibliography). This is worth 20%.

In August students will submit a 2,000-2,500-word report, worth 60% detailing what they have done, what they have learned, and the career implications that the internship has for them.

20% of the final mark will come from a reflective diary (1,000 words), due at the end of term 3.


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