Dissertation in History of Art and Archaeology: History of Art and Archaeology of Islamic Middle East

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Module overview

This is a 9,000-10,000-word research project on a topic linked to the course chosen as a major. The dissertation is normally written over the summer period and is submitted in September.

The dissertation provides an opportunity for further regional and/or temporal specialisation and research on a topic of direct interest to the student. It is normally expected that students make use of at least primary sources, textual and visual. The proximity to the school of many archive depositories, museums and galleries, enhances the potential for this type of dissertation work.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

On successful completion of the Dissertation the student will have:

  • research, writing and organisational skills in the field of the art and/or architecture of the Islamic Middle East through independent study and the completion of a written assignment based on primary and secondary written and visual sources
  • in-depth knowledge and understanding of approaches, methods and theories in the history of art and/or archaeology, with reference to the Islamic Middle East
  • in-depth knowledge of the art and/or archaeology of the region and time period under discussion

Method of assessment

  • One 1,000-word annotated bibliography (worth 15%)
  • One 10,000-word dissertation submitted by the School dissertation deadline (worth 85%)


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