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Module overview

This module provides an introduction to economic analysis covering both micro and macro economics and its application to the world. In term one the focus of the module is on the development of economic analysis in general with a particular focus on micro. It covers such issues as the nature of economics, demand and supply, price determination, market structures, theories of competition and the firm.

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ICC Programme Module Overview: Introduction to Economics Module

In terms two and three the emphasis is on macro-economics, including government policy, economic development, trade and the national and international economy. Issues such as the causes of inflation, the reasons for unemployment and the determination of investment are all explored.

It brings the various threads of economic analysis together to discuss key issues facing both developed and developing economies, such as welfare vs growth, open trade vs protectionism and environmental protection vs economic development. Throughout the module students are encouraged to engage critically with issues and theories.

Topics studied include:

  • Introduction to economic thought
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Trade
  • Issues in modern economics


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