Finance in East Asia

Key information

Year of study
Final Year

Module overview

This module covers the key issues relating to the financial systems in East Asia, including China, Japan, and Korea. The module also relates fundamental theories of corporate finance, corporate governance, and capital markets, in addition to covering the fundamental financing challenges faced by firms in East Asia and how these firms react in response to these challenges. The module also examines the differences between the financial systems in East Asia and western countries and how these differences explain the discrepancies in corporate financing behaviour between firms in East Asia and western countries.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module


Upon completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Understand why the finance systems in East Asia are different from other financial systems elsewhere
  • Apply standard corporate finance theories to firms in East Asia and explain why these firms may behave differently from firms in western countries
  • Obtain updates about the most recent development in East Asia’s capital markets such as equity markets, corporate bond markets, private equity, and Fintech



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