Fiscal Governance, Budgeting and Performance

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Term 1
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School of Finance and Management

Module overview

Fiscal governance consists of the systems, processes and tools that ensure the prudent management of financial resources in the public sector. Fiscal governance is crucial to the long-term prosperity of countries as it relates to fundamental policy choices that are made about taxation, public spending and public debt. In today’s sophisticated economic and institutional conditions, fiscal policies are made through complex interactions between central governments, central banks, sub-national governments, supernational organisations, and the financial sector.

This module will cover many aspects of fiscal governance. At the beginning of the course, we will review the systems, processes and tools of fiscal governance. We will then look at taxation and other sources of revenue for government. Next, we will pay attention to the process of financial planning, programming and budgeting, also including the issues that arise from the management of public debt. The final part of the course will look at problems of defining and measuring financial and non-financial performance in the public sector, and at the role of accounting and financial reporting.

The lectures will be very interactive. Students will be expected to participate actively through individual tasks and group discussions, where they will develop skills and capabilities about applying theories and methods to tackling fiscal governance issues. Empirically, the course will look at various current debates on fiscal governance, from the choice about what to tax and how much, to the relationship between public debt and economic growth, to the advantages of accrual accounting in the public sector. In classes, students will be required to analyse and present assigned case studies.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:

  • Understand the role of fiscal governance
  • Explain how government manage financial resources
  • Critically appraise fiscal policies and budgeting choices
  • Critically appraise the financial and non-financial performance of public sector entities


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