Global Economic Policy Debates and Analysis (Online Module)

Key information

Module overview

The Global Economic Policy Debates and Analysis module is designed to familiarize students with core policy and reform debates on current global economic governance, with emphasis on the following areas: international production, international trade and international competitiveness, international monetary integration and the role of labour in the global economy. In addition to an in-depth analysis of these policy areas, the course focuses on providing students with basic theoretical training in the critical analysis of economic policy design, implementation and enforcement. It places such training in the context of the historical evolution of international economic policy regimes in the 20th century and the analysis of the role of changing political configurations in the emergence of contemporary structures of global economic governance.

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Suggested reading

Acocella, N. et al. 2013. The theory of economic policy in a strategic context. Cambridge University Press.

Amsden, A. 2007. Escape from Empire. The developing world’s journey through heaven and hell. MIT Press.


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