Global Financial Markets

Key information

Start date
End date
Year of study
Year 2 or Year 3
Term 2
Module code
FHEQ Level
Department of Economics

Module overview

The objective of this module is to provide students with a firm understanding of financial global markets. The module aims to focus on;

- the role of finance in economic development;

- the relevance of different financial system structures;

- European Monetary and Economic Union;

- exchange rate market;

- the role of euromarkets;

- why financial innovation takes place, how it can pose problems for financial regulators and how regulators can cope with this problem in national, regional and global level;

- theoretical overview of financial liberalisation;

- international capital mobility and exchange rates volatility;

- financial crisis and its consequences.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module


Upon successful completion of this module a student will be able to:

  • Understand bank-based and market-based financial systems
  • Understand the costs and benefits of being a monetary union member
  • Understand forwards, futures, spots, exchange rate risk, hedging and currency swaps
  • Understand shadow banking and securitisation
  • Unow macro and micro prudential regulation structures
  • Understand the financial repression and consequences of premature financial liberalisation,
    know why credit markets may fail


Method of assessment


  • AS1 25% 
  • AS2 25% 
  • AS3 50%


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