Growth and Development

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Start date
End date
Term 2
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FHEQ Level
Department of Economics

Module overview

This module consists of a survey of key approaches and issues in the political economy of growth and development.  The aim is to familiarise students with foundational and contemporary debates on growth and development theory and policy and to develop the analytical ability of students to engage with real-world growth and development questions.  We emphasize the application of theory to real economic problems in regions and countries in the Global South. .

Growth and Development is broadly organised in two parts:

  1. The first provides a historical framework to consider growth and development theory and practice from the 1950s to today. This part introduces and critically assesses different approaches to growth, development and poverty reduction, including structuralist development economics, dependency theory, neoclassical growth theories and policy paradigms, feminist and behavioural approaches.
  2. The second part focuses on key issues and applications, including the relationship between globalisation, poverty and inequality, the environment and growth, specific social and economic policies for development (e.g. social protection or industrial policy) and finance.  The module makes extensive use of case studies and students are encouraged to relate theoretical ideas to concrete examples from specific regions and countries in the Global South.

Students pursuing a degree external to the Department of Economics should contact the convenor for approval to take this module.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module


On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the major and minor strands in popular and policy-critical development debates.
  • Apply knowledge in constructing a critical analysis of the issues for a particular country.
  • Use economic data appropriately.


Method of assessment

AS1 - 40% / AS2 - 30% / AS3 - 20% / AS4 - 10%

Suggested reading

  • Perkins, D.,  Radelet, S., Lindauer, D. and Block, S. (2013), Economics of Development, seventh edition, International Student Edition, Norton
  • Nissanke, M. and Ocampo, J. A. (eds.) (2019). The Palgrave Handbook of Development Economics, London: Palgrave MacMillan


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