Independent Study Project in the Creative Arts and Cultural Industries

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Module overview

The Independent Study Project (ISP) in the Creative Arts is an undergraduate dissertation on an approved topic within the creative arts. The ISP gives students the opportunity to develop, implement and write up an independent research project on a topic of their choosing under the guidance of an academic supervisor. Students learn how to ask a pertinent question and how to go about answering it through research and writing. The project may also include a practical element, again agreed with by the supervisor, such as a virtual museum tour, a podcast/radio programme, film, recording, performance, composition, design (e.g, exhibition, festival, website, notation, VR, AR, app) etc.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate their capacity to carry out a substantial piece of academic work on a selected topic in the field of Creative Arts.
  • Define a topic, and articulate a coherent scheme for examining the topic.
  • Gather relevant information and analyse and present this information in a way which satisfactorily assesses the topic

Method of assessment

  • Abstract and literature review of 1,000 words (worth 15%)
  • Independent study project of 8,000 words (worth 85%)


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