International Corporate Finance

Key information

Start date
End date
Term 2
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FHEQ Level
School of Finance and Management

Module overview

This module provides students with fundamental knowledge in principles of international corporate finance and asset pricing to understand and analyse the major issues affecting the financial policies of corporation in capital markets. This course is concerned with the decisions that firms make about financing their investment in a global economic environment. You will study the principles underlying such decision-making, their application and debates over them in relation to the modern literature to develop analytical skills in a challenging global environment, and other complex specialised contexts.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

This course will enable students to:

  • Acquire advanced knowledge and critical understanding of essential components of international corporate finance and associated current research.
  • Understand valuation techniques for stocks and bonds
  • Demonstrate a critical knowledge and understanding of the impact that decisions on capital structure and dividend policy have on firm value
  • Identify how financial decisions may convey new information on the firm’s prospects
  • Demonstrate a critical knowledge and understanding of different forms of market efficiency
  • Apply problem solving and analytical skills to issues in corporate finance in a complex specialised global context.


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