Introduction to Prakrit

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Year 2 or Year 3
Term 1
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South Asia Section

Module overview

The continued teaching of Prakrit at SOAS in 2019/20 is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Digambar Jain Mahasabha, New Delhi, and all well-wishers who have also generous supported the 2019 crowdfunding call 'Save Prakrit at SOAS' of the Centre of Jain Studies.

After a brief introduction to the linguistic structure of Prakrit and to its role in Indian literary and religious tradition, some basic grammar exercises will be followed by study of extracts from the Jain narrative text Manipaticarita. This includes verse in both the classical Maharashtri and old Magadhi dialects. Roman script will be used throughout the module.

The introduction into the basic linguistic features of Prakrit will lay a foundation for the understanding of Prakrit components of the classical Indian tradition (e.g. classical Sanskrit dramas) as well as Middle-Indic historical documents (inscriptions etc.).



Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

Students will be made familiar with the basic features of different Prakrit dialects; special emphasis will be put on the language of the Jain tradition.

At the end of the module, students should be able to understand an original Prakrit text with the help of the appropriate tools (grammar, dictionary, translations).


Two hour weekly lecture over one term

Method of assessment

  • one written examination taken in May/June (50%)
  • one language assignment (20%)
  • one test taken in the last class of the term in which this half unit is taught (30%)
  • The exact assessment deadline dates are published on the relevant module Moodle/BLE page

Suggested reading

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  • S.M. Katre: Prakrit languages and their contribution to Indian culture, Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1945.
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  • Hindu tales : an English translation of Jacobi's Ausgewählte Erzählungen in Maharashtri / by John Jacob Meyer. London 1909.


  • M. Winternitz: "Jaina Literature" in: A History of Indian Literature vol 2, Calcutta 1930,
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Professor J Clifford Wright


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