Introductory Business Studies

Key information

Module overview

This module relates to all major aspects of business management by concentrating on the core topics found as compulsory modules in any business-related degree. Emphasis is placed on the overall concepts that are involved, and the way in which they interact, rather than on the detail of each aspect. Students will acquire an understanding of both business theory and practice, and learn some basic analysis techniques. Short case studies are utilised during regular tutorials throughout the module, thus allowing students to apply their knowledge to real business situations. Therefore, the teaching primarily focuses on the investigation of new developments and perspectives relating to the structural, cultural and operational changes taking place in contemporary businesses, which are encouraging change and driving business towards higher levels of effectiveness.

The module is divided into four broad sections, including major theoretical approaches to strategy, the main aspects of the operational and financial strategies used to manage businesses and the implementation of effective human resource management strategies. Finally, the module focuses on the technical aspects of developing an appropriate marketing strategy and the implementation of an effective marketing plan.

Topics studied include:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Strategy
  • Human Resource Management


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