Japanese-English Translation (PG)

Key information

Start date
End date
Term 2
Module code
FHEQ Level
Department of Linguistics

Module overview

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

The objective of this module is to help students acquire advanced translation skills in translation from Japanese to English. Students will be helped to develop intellectual perspectives on the activity of translation and expand topic-based vocabulary. By the end of the module, the students will be able to translate a variety of text-types including literary, academic, media, business and technical texts.


A total of 10 weeks teaching with two hours classroom contact per week consisting of a 1 hour lecture and 1 hour seminar.

Scope and syllabus

The module aims to familiarise students with the process and techniques of translating from Japanese into English, developing their skills to a high level of proficiency, and provide them with much practical experience of translation.

The module consists of 2 hours per week of translation from Japanese into English and commentary.  Texts from various sources, including newspapers, magazines, the internet, government documents, and academic journals/books, and in various styles and genres (literary, academic, media, business and technical texts) will be assigned for class practice and homework.

The module will raise students’ awareness of issues relating to literal and free styles of translation, to targeted readership, to degree of formality, and to cultural implications. Classroom time will be divided between translation and discussion of translation choices made by students.

Method of assessment

Translation project/portfolio (70%)

Presentation 30%

Suggested reading

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