Listening and Note-taking Skills

Key information

Year of study
4 weeks
Foundation College

Module overview

The Listening Skills and Note-taking course runs for 4 weeks and aims to help students get the most from lectures, with some work done also on listening in seminar situations. The classes will introduce strategies to deal with the problems students experience in having to combine intensive listening and note-taking. The course will be delivered online in term 1 of 2020. There will be a mixture of asynchronous self-study (for 1-2 hours per week approximately) and one hour synchronous live sessions using Collaborate on BLE.

Areas covered

Areas may include:

  • Functions of a lecture
  • Identifying key ideas and following arguments
  • Selecting and prioritising information- signposting language
  • Key words and new vocabulary
  • Note-taking techniques-developing abbreviations, acronyms, signs and symbols
  • Laying out notes- linear and other styles
  • Paraphrasing and summarising
  • Listening to accents and connected speech
  • Listening to group discussion

Scope and syllabus

This course runs in block 1 only.


The timetable becomes available when the block 1 application form is released around the end of September.

Suggested reading

  • Espeseth, M. (2004) Academic Listening Encounters series , Cambridge: CUP
  • Lynch, T. (2004) Study Listening: A Course in Listening to Lectures and Note Taking, Cambridge: CUP

Important notice

The information on the website reflects the intended programme structure against the given academic session. The modules are indicative options of the content students can expect and are/have been previously taught as part of these programmes. However, this information is published a long time in advance of enrolment and module content and availability is subject to change.