Media and Development (online)

Key information

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Centre for Global Media and Communications

Module overview

This module provides an introduction to the history of debates around the relationship between media and development. The course challenges the assumptions behind the media and development industries, as well as development studies, and offers new ways of addressing and analysing about these issues. The approach balances critical theoretical analysis of the hegemony implied by the ideas and practices of development with the practical issues surrounding the use of contemporary media, including notably digital technologies, for a range of developmental purposes.

By the end of the module, students would have acquired knowledge and understanding of the dynamics and debates about the role of media and Information Communication Technologies in development processes. Specifically they should be able to critically examine the discourses of development, the role of national and international organizations, NGOs, citizens in defining and producing development, and the emergence of critical and alternative paradigms for sustainable societies. In addition, students will acquire critical knowledge of the key theoretical issues surrounding the role of media and Information Communication Technologies in development processes; be able to analytically disaggregate economic, political, social and cultural strands of development and the nature of mediated practices within each.

The readings in the module include a mix of media and development theory with a good mix of case studies that would be useful for analysis.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:

  • Acquire an informed insight into the theories to do with media and Development
  • Understand the key debates about Development
  • Develop the skills needed for further independent research, writing and thinking about issues on Development in the present context
  • Develop the ability to think critically, with reference to theoretical and empirical (historical and/or contemporary) content about the relationship between Media and Development

Scope and syllabus

Topic list
  1. Introduction:  module overview and discussion of themes
  2. The coming of Modernity
  3. The Other in Development Theory
  4. Decoding Development
  5. NGOs and Media: The relationship
  6. MDGs and SDGs: Why one prevails over the other
  7. Citizen Journalism and Development
  8. Construction of the INGO
  9. Case study: Red Cross and Green Peace and their positioning
  10. Digital, Activism and anti-Development warriors
  11. Development today: Mainstream Media, Philanthropy and Pet Causes
  12. Development to Climate Change: How did we get here


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