Organisational Behaviour

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Year 1
Term 2
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School of Finance and Management

Module overview

The module investigates the effect of individuals groups and structures on behaviour within organisations and how this effects the interaction of the organisation with the external business environment.

Organisational behaviour is a discipline that seeks to better understand the effects of individual groups and structures on behaviour within organisations. This course is specially designed module to introduce management students to the principles and theories underpinning the discipline of organisational behaviour. In doing so it examines how organisations are created, designed and how they fulfil their objectives.  It is particularly concerned with achieving a better understanding of how groups of humans interact in organisations and how these interactions shape the organization itself. The course  is multi disciplinary and covers a range of topics from a number of disciplines including management theory, the economics of organisation, the principles of psychology that underpin how decisions are made, the theory of the firm and the sociology of work.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of this module, a student should be able to demonstrate:

  • A thorough knowledge of the basic theories and principles that underpin organisation behaviour
  • An ability to apply these principles to understand the sociological, managerial  and psychological factors that underpin organisational behaviour
  • A critical understanding of the factors that shape and change organisational structures
  • An understanding of inter-organisational relationships and networks.
  • A critical understanding of how such factors as identity, leadership, motivation, decision-making, and creativity affect organisations
  • The ability to critically apply standard theories of organisational behaviour to non-standard or cross cultural environments
  • An ability to apply the above to practical case studies of management and assess their effect on organisational performance.


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