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Module overview

Practical performance in an Asian or African music. Available traditions will vary from year to year; in previous years, options have been:

  • Zimbabwean mbira ,
  • Indian tabla ,
  • Thai mahori ensemble,
  • Arab instrumental ensemble,
  • Korean samulnori percussion ensemble.

Students will normally have weekly group lessons. Students are assessed continuously throughout the session on the basis of their effort and progress.

They must keep a Learning Diary, to be submitted with a 1,000-word self-critique by the second Monday of Term 3.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

The objectives of the course ate to develop fundamental performance skills in a non-Western tradition, to deppen the students' knowledge of Asian and African music, to prepare the students for more advanced academic and practical study of music. learning outcomes will vary depending on the option chosen but will include:

A) performance-related skills:

  • Physical dexterity and control (technical mastery of the instrument/voice), together with the necessary powers of sustained concentration and focus;
  • Artistic and expressive skills necessary to communicate music convincingly to the listener;

B) Subject Knowledge:

  • Awareness of the basic compositional principles of the music in question;
  • awareness and understanding of the cultural conventions and symbolic meanings associated with the repertoire, instruments and genres studied.

C) Subject awareness:

  • Self-motivation and reliability;
  • ability to work independently and in isolation, or as an integrated member of a team (depending on the option chosen)
  • the ability to confront, explore, and assimilate unfamiliar musical sounds, concepts, repertoires and practices
  • an appropriate outlook and experience for work in multi-cultural environments.


By arrangement

Method of assessment

Exam 85% (performance & oral), learning diary (15%)



Dr Saeid Kordmafi


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