Persian 3 (PG)

Key information

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Module overview



Appropriate language level (e.g. Persian Language 2 or equivalent standard)


Objectives and learning outcomes of the module


On successful completion of the course, a student should be able to demonstrate the ability to . . .

  1. show knowledge and understanding of advanced Persian grammar
  2. show knowledge and understanding of a varied range of Persian vocabulary
  3. show knowledge and use of a wide range of Persian idiomatic structures and expressions in a given context
  4. understand texts in modern written Persian of medium length on everyday and some specialised topics
  5. produce passages in written Persian of medium length on everyday and some specialised topics




This course will be taught over 22 weeks with 4 hours classroom contact per week in language classes.


Scope and syllabus


The emphasis of this advanced course is on reading, writing, listening, speaking and translation of modern texts. After successful completion of this course students should be able to follow advanced modern Persian texts unaided and to comprehend news items, interviews, prose narratives and short literary prose texts with the help of a dictionary. They should also be able to produce written material in Persian such as everyday correspondence.

Spoken language is taught as part of the course, students can expect to improve their oral and aural competence through classroom activities, access to films, media related audio/visual material on the net or the BLE, and conversational exchanges.


Method of assessment


  • one three-hour written examination taken in May/June (50%)
  • a language learning portfolio consisting of a set of marked homework, short in-class tests, translation projects (20%)
  • one oral examination of 30 minutes taken in May/June (30%)
  • The exact assessment deadline dates are published on the relevant module Moodle/BLE page


Suggested reading

Online resources:
  • Selected material from the website AZUFA, a specialized portal for teaching Persian as a foreign language to adults in academic institutions, continuously  maintained by and updated by the research centre for humanities in Tehran, Iran:
  • Selected material from the website of the Centre for the Promotion of Persian language:
  • News items from BBC Persian (
  • Saffar-Moghaddam, Ahmad: Farsi-ye omumi. Vol 2 „Iran-e Emrooz“. Tehran. 1392 / 2013.
  • Saffar-Moghaddam, Ahmad: Farsi-ye omumi. Vol 3: Tarikh, Farhang va Tamaddon-e Iran. Tehran. 1392 / 2013.


Ms Narguess Farzad


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