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Term 2
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School of Arts & Centre for Creative Industries, Media and Screen Studies

Module overview

The course is designed to develop practical skills in ​digital media, informed by media scholarship. ​The principle of the module is that one of the best ways to study digital media is by making it. Students will learn about the emergence of podcasting ​as a new form of digital production, consider its relationship to traditional forms of broadcasting like radio, and work in groups to produce and publish a podcast. Students will learn a range of media production techniques; including idea management tools like Affinity Diagrams, consider a range of podcasts and the different genres they use to present information, scripting and presentation and editing (Audacity). We also consider issues such as tone and narrative, copyright, online publishing platforms and how to promote content using social media. The aim is to give students the experience of working on a professional-standard creative project, and then reflect on what they learned form making their own media in the context of theoretical issues around access, democratisation, precariarity and the emergence of independent digital media.

Teaching will be a combination of short introductions to key issues, guided brainstorming, skills training and workshops - teachers will support students through all aspects of their podcast production and publishing. Throughout the module students will get exclusive access to the SOAS Radio studio and staff support, and to recording equipment from A/V department. Guests working in podcasting and digital media will also be invited in to speak to the class (past guests include the director of podAcademy, the head of social media research at the think tank DEMOS and director of On Road Media).

​Topics will include​

  • Introduction to ​podcasting and its relation to radio
  • Using management tools to organise decision making
  • ​Editing skills (Audacity)
  • Team building
  • Scripting, planning and production schedules
  • ​Workshopping ideas
  • ​Recording best practice and problem solving
  • ​Digital production platforms and social media promotion

You can hear two current SOAS students talking about developing their own podcasts on the School of Arts podcast series.


  • This Module is capped at 2​5​ places
  • Students enrol via the online Module Sign-Up system. Students are advised of the timing of this process via email by the Faculty Office

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of the course, a student should be able to...

  • ​Design, script edit and produce a podcast
  • ​Have an understanding of how to work in a team and produce collection creative content
  • Have a good understanding of the history and range of podcasting as part of he creative industries
  • Have an understanding of issues around tone form, narrative and pacing in digital audio media
  • Understand issues around copyright (including Creative Commons), privacy,
    Have a good understanding of the role of creativity and innovation in communication
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of digital technologies as research and communication tools (digital literacy)


One hour lecture and one hour tutorial each week for ten weeks.

Method of assessment

Podcast worth 35%, Diary of 1,000 words worth 35%, Assignment of 1,000 words worth 30%,


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