Political History, Culture and Diplomacy in Iran (Online Module)

Key information

Module overview

This course will present an interdisciplinary critical overview of the long history of Iran, but with particular focus on key issues in contemporary Iranian politics, culture and diplomacy. For this reason, it draws upon expertise in the Department of the Languages and Cultures of Near and Middle East, of History, Politics, Study of Religions, and Media. It will be available as a minor option for the MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, MA Islamic Studies and MA Islamic Societies and Cultures, to which it will provide a unique focus on Iran. By engaging with a series of key debates related to history, culture, economic, political and social change, students will gain an understanding of the underlying and overarching processes which is shaping the country.

All modules are subject to availability and are subject to change from session to session.

Suggested reading

Tavakoli-Targhi, M. "Refashioning Iran: Language and Culture during the Constitutional Revolution." Iranian Studies 23, no. 1/4 (1990): 77-101

Abrahamian, E. (1983), Iran Between Two Revolutions, New Jersey


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