R501 Independent Study Project in Religion, Culture, and Society

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Department of Religions and Philosophies

Module overview

The ISP may be on any approved topic in the Study of Religions. The Project should include critical assessment of source material. In the case of joint degrees it may act as a bridge between the two sides of the degree. In consultation with the prospective supervisor of your Project, please complete the registration form (including brief synopsis, schedule, etc.) available from the Faculty Office. The completed form should then be submitted to the Convenor. Students are encouraged to begin work on the ISP during the summer. A workshop bringing together ISP writers meets at intervals during the first and second terms.

The Independent Study Project is a compulsory component for all single honour degrees in students in Study of Religions.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

The focus of the project should be agreed with the BA Director of Studies and the prospective supervisor. Supervision of up to five hours will be provided by the supervisor and will include advice on research methodologies, basic advice on reference sources and the structure and content of the project. The main purpose of this study project is to increase knowledge in specific areas in the study of religions, and to enhance skills in undertaking and writing up independent research.

The learning outcomes will depend on research topic. However, the objective of the project generally speaking should be to enable students to develop research skills consonant with the requirements of professional research in the field of the study of religions

Method of assessment

Assessment: 1 essay, 10,000 words.

Code of practice: Undergraduate Independent study projects

ISP Guidelines (pdf; 165kb)


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