Research Project in Economic Policy

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Module overview

Students are required to submit a research project on a topic relating to Economics or Economic Policy. Guidance on developing the research project will be given as part of Research Methods (15PECC040) during term 1, as well as through the supervisors who will be allocated according to their expertise. The research project is carried out through Term 2 and into the summer period, and is submitted in September.

Supervisors provide guidance on source material, hypothesis formulation, research methods and structure but will not read complete final drafts prior to the submission.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate their substantial understanding of a key issue, topic or theme relating to Economics and Economic Policy.
  2. Demonstrate abiliiy to plan a research project, apply theories and methods to practical problems, and present research outputs.
  3. Show their ability to effectively gather, manage, synthesize and employ relevant data in support of their written argument.
  4. Demonstrate their capacity to work independently under the guidance of an academic supervisor.
  5. Show that they have followed good academic research practice and have achieved a good level of competence in academic writing

The Research Project offers an opportunity for students to demonstrate all learning outcomes in the programme as well as from the modules.

Method of assessment

Maximum length of 10,000 words is specified for the Research Project Report to be submitted in September (coinding with the deadline for MA/ MSc dissertations). Depending on the nature of the research project, the supervisor, in consultation with the convenor, may assign a shorter Report combined with other forms of presentation (such as posters).


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