Studies in Media and Communications

Key information

Module overview

The module provides a broad introduction to the theories and concepts central to the study of mass media and its roles in contemporary society. It encourages students to consider different perspectives towards the mass media as commercially-driven and politically-regulated industries. The first term focuses on news and professional practices in journalism, and then goes on to introduce key approaches to the study of media. Attention then turns to the role of media in the construction of meaning and value, particularly through advertising and the representation of gender and race. The syllabus then focuses on key film and television ‘genres’, such as Hollywood cinema, reality TV and crime drama, before considering more recent developments driven by the globalisation and digitisation of media.

Topics studied include:

  • News and media ethics
  • Advertising and consumer culture
  • Media representation
  • Audiences
  • Globalisation and cultural imperialism
  • Social media and virtual realities


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