Studies in Media and Communications

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Term 2
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Foundation College

Module overview

The module is designed as a foundation for students who wish to study media, communication or cultural studies at post-graduate level in a British university.

However, the media are now so central to modern life that an understanding of their processes and impacts is also of direct interest for students intending to specialise in the social sciences, the humanities and business studies.

The module provides a broad introduction to the practice and theories central to mass media engagement in contemporary Western society. Key areas of knowledge are introduced, drawing on examples from print and digital platforms, television, film and the internet. Media is not just receptive but actively creative of the world we inhabit. This course allows students to reflect upon utilizing the world through media and understanding the world through media.

Throughout the module we will be centrally concerned with questions concerning the radical power of mass media technology as a political, commercial as well as activist tool. Attention is given to professional and personal practices in broadcast media, journalistic/news production, advertising, Hollywood film, media representations of gender and race, and to the role of the audiences.


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