Turkish 1 B

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Term 2
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Module overview


This is a basic language acquisition module for students who have already studied the language 1A equivalent in the previous term, or who have equivalent knowledge. Students are therefore assumed to have some basic knowledge of the language or its script. This module develops knowledge of some of the several basic constructions of the language, enabling students to develop their skills in reading, writing, and comprehension. Successful students will gain the ability to read and write simple texts and communicate on basic everyday topics. Emphasis will be placed on good pronunciation and reading comprehension.

Students enrolling onto this module should have completed Elementary Written Turkish A - 155906046 in term 1



Successful completion of Elementary Written Turkish A - 155906046 in Term 1


Objectives and learning outcomes of the module


On successful completion of this module a student will:

  • Gain greater knowledge and understanding of the appropriateness of basic structures and expressions in a given context.
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand passages in written language on basic everyday topics.
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce short passages in written language on everyday topics.




Total of 10 weeks teaching with 4 hours classroom contact per week in language classes.


Method of assessment


  • One two-hour written examination taken in May/June (80%)
  • One mid term test (40 minutes) in term 2 (20%)



Dr Yorgos Dedes


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