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Conference: The 41st International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics


Date: 18 September 2008Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 21 September 2008Time: 5:00 PM

Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Conference

The 41st International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics will be held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in the University of London from 18-21 September 2008, hosted by the Department of South East Asia and the Islands in conjunction with the Centre of South East Asian Studies. 

Pre-Conference Workshop

Wednesday, 17 September 2008 in Room B102, Brunei Gallery

Mediaeval Tibeto-Burman Languages Symposium organised and chaired by Nathan Hill

11.00Nathan, HILL opening remarks
11.10ARAKAWA Shintaro
Re-analysis of "Tangut-Tibetan" phonological materials
11.35BAUER, Christian
The Kalyani Sima revisited
12.00IKEDA Takumi
Verbs for existence in Tangut and Mu-nya
12.25ISHIKAWA Iwao
石川巌 Old Tibetan Funeral Rites and Buddhism -P. T. 239 Recto Reconsidered
14.00IWAO Kazushi
The costs of copying Śatasāhasrikā-prajñāpāramitā in Tibetan ruled Dunhuang
14.25JACQUES, Guillaume
A reconstruction of the Tangut kinship system
The Oral Performatory Nature of Naxi Pictographic Texts
15.15NIE Hongyin (read by Guillaume Jacques)
Complementary notes on the predicative personal suffixes of the Tangut language - read by Guillaume Jacques
16.00PLAISIER, Heleen There is no telling: Lepcha delúk texts
16.25SUN Bojun
孙伯君 A study on the Sanskrit-Tangut transliteration in Tangut Buddhist texts
16.50van SCHAIK, Sam
The origin of cursive writing (dbu med) in Tibet
17.15HILL, Nathan
Tibetan palatalization and the gy versus g.y distinction
17.40 CLOSE

41st International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics 

Thursday, 18 September 2008 in the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
9.00WATKINS Justin Welcome to ICSTLL-41
9.15Welcome to SOAS
 PANEL: Lolo-Burmese / NgwiPANEL: Chinese Historical Linguistics
9.30CHAN Catherine Ching Yee + YANG Cathryn The Eka Language: A First LookHUANG Jincheng The Proto-diminutive of Sino-Tibetan Languages
9.50HANSSON, Inga-Lill More about Akha EvidentialsSIDWELL, Paul Was there ever an Austroasiatic substrate in central China?
10.10BRADLEY, David Birth-ordinal names in Lisu and Southeastern Tibeto-BurmanWITHDRAWN - SAGART, Laurent ST bone names - WITHDRAWN
10.30YANG, Cathryn Variation in Lalo: Beyond East and WestQUANG Kim Ngoc A case study on Dragons and rainbows
10.50HAYASHI Norihiko Copula in Youle JinoWITHDRAWN - MEISTERERNST, Barbara Prepositional phrases referring to a point of time in Han period Chinese - WITHDRAWN
11:10 – 11:30BREAK
Professor Carol Genetti
“Language documentation in the Sino-Tibetan context: towards an inclusive and collaborative model”
12:10 – 1:50LUNCH
 PANEL: Chin languagesPANEL: Chinese
13:50BEDELL, George
Agreement in Matu
Semantics of Chinese Colour Terms: The NSM Theory Approach
14:10BUTTON, Christopher
Double suffixation in reconstructed Northern Chin verbal alternations
SI Fuzhen
司富珍 Functional Head “De” in Chinese Relative Clauses
14:30PETERSON, David
Nominalization in Kuki Chin and Mru
Repeaters in Chinese and other languages
14:50SO-HARTMANN, Helga
Nominalization and Relativization in Mro
ZHANG Shengkai
The Auxiliary Word ‘ta?4’ in Pingjiang Dialect
15:10WILLIAMS, Nicholas + PETERSON, David
Mru directionals
YANG He杨贺, LEE Byumlyul 李范烈
“Suo” Structure in Classical Chinese
15:30 – 15:50BREAK
 PANEL: Burmish linguisticsPANEL: Chinese
15:50JOHNSEN, Sverre – read by Nathan Hill
The ban on diphthongs in open syllables in Burmese
CHIANG Min-hua
Forms of the plural suffixes of personal pronouns and demonstrative pronouns in Hakka dialects
16:10YABU Shiro A historical study of the formation of Written BurmeseCHIANG Shih-Yin
On the asymmetrical syntax of the interrogative adverbial in Taiwanese Southern Min ‘antsuann’
16:30ROMEO, Nicoletta
The grammaticalised use of the Burmese verbs la ‘come’, thwà ‘go’ and laiq ‘follow’
DAI Zhaoming
Light Verbs in Tiantai
16:50VITTRANT, Alice
Burmese as a language of the Mainland South-East Asian Sprachbund
WU Chin-Wen
Ariel Asymmetry of Negation in Mandarin and Taiwanese
17:10JENNY, Mathias
Finiteness in Burmese
A-not-A questions in Yangzhou dialect of Chinese
17:30HUZIWARA Keisuke
An overview of grammatical particles in Marma
PENG Hsin-yi 彭 心怡
Two variations of prominence in Wu dialect and Gan dialect
Friday, 19 September 2008 in the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
09:00Questions and notices from the organisers
 PANEL: Tibetan  
Chair: Nathan Hill
PANEL: Chinese phonetics
9:10SUZUKI Hiroyuki
/l/ -/j/ interchange in Shangri-La Tibetan
WITHDRAWN BREWER Warren Mapping Taiwanese ‘bat (chiropteran)’ WITHDRAWN
09:30EBIHARA Shiho
Copula neutralization in Amdo Tibetan
DING Picus Sizhi + Caroline FERY
Word Order, Information Structure and Intonation of Discontinuous Nominal Constructions in Cantonese
9:50HONDA Isao
The Kaike conjunct/disjunct revisited
A Force Phrase in Chinese Nominal Domain
10:10KELLY Barbara
Cohesion in Sherpa adult and child narratives
HUANG Hui-ju
A preliminary study of character-order neglected effect in Chinese reading
10:30SHIRAI Satoko
The role of existential verbs in verb serialization in nDrapa
LIU Joyce H-C
Tone errors in Taiwanese
10:50BARTRAM, Cathy
Pitch and register in Walungge
CHANG Kuang-yu Phonological Behaviour of Chinese Lateral Initials
11:10 – 11:30BREAK
Professor James A MATISOFF
“‘Stung by a mosquito, you fear a fly’: areal and universal aspects of Lahu proverbial wisdom”
12:10 – 13:50LUNCH
 PANEL: Non-TB – and KarenPANEL: Manipuri
13:50CHANGYa-yin 张雅音 + XU Xiao-Tian
Deriving Passive Construction in Hmong
CHELLIAH, Shobhana
Information flow in Manipuri: a pear story study
14:10PITTAYAPORN, Pittayawat
De-aspirating Proto-Tai
DEVI, Pramodini
The perfective aspect -le in Meiteiron
14:30TAGUCHI Yoshihisa
On the subgrouping of Mien dialects
DEVI, Nahakpam
Aruna Manipuri poetry: a linguistic analysis
14:50INTAJAMORNRAK, Chommanad
The Fundamental Frequencies of Tai Yuan Tones Spoken by Lua’ (Mal) Speakers of Nan Province, Thailand
ROY, Somi et al.
DigitizeMANIPUR: an international project to digitize the rare and endangered manuscripts of Manipur
15:10KATO Atsuhiko
A first report on Htoklibang Pwo Karen and reconstruction of the Proto-Pwo phonemic system
SINGH, Chungkham
Yashawanta One-word sentences in Manipuri
15:30 – 15:50BREAK
 Chair: Carol Genetti Panel sponsored by the SOAS Endangered Languages Academic Programme
15:50DING, Picus Sizhi
Size Doesn't Matter: Language Endangerment in China
16:10CHELLIAH, Shobhana, SINGH, Yashawanta, DEVI, Promodini and ROY, Somi
Ethical issues in Manipur linguistics
16:30HYSLOP, Gwendolyn
Kurtöp: Language documentation in Bhutan
16:50BRADLEY, David and Maya
Documenting phonological instability due to language endangerment in Gong (Thailand)
17:10LIDZ, Liberty
Yongning Na (Mosuo): Language Documentation in the Sino-Tibetan Borderland
17:30BARTRAM, Cathy
Walungge: Language Documentation in northern Nepal
Saturday, 20 September 2008 in the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
09:20Questions and notices from the organisers
 Chinese Historical Phonology    Chair: Zev Handel
9:30ZHANG Weijia 维佳
On the Issue of the Phonetic Levels of Sino-Korean
9:50DEMPSEY, Jakob
Was there a J-Bomb? or was it just a few firecrackers?
10:10FERLUS, Michel
Etymology of *wat/yuè 越 "people, principality" (as in Bǎiyuè 百越)
10:30PHAN, John
Duong Palatal Affricates and an Annamese dialect of Middle Chinese
The Middle Chinese divisions as the result of vowel bending
11:10 – 11:30BREAK
11:30Dr Bill Baxter
"Old Chinese: the Baxter-Sagart Reconstruction, Version 0.98"
12:10 – 1:50LUNCH
 PANEL: Texts, Manuscripts and morePANEL: Chinese
13:50CHEN Shu-Fen 陳淑芬
A Comparision of the Sanskrit Bhaisajyaguruvaiduryaprabharajasutra with its Four Chinese Translations
Yuan-hsiang Southern Min Pre-a tone Sandhi in Optimality Theory
14:10BAUER, Christian
Sources for a grammatical description of Early Modern Thai (17-18C)
FENG Hsiaochien 馮 筱茜
Segmental Changes of Hakka-Accented Mandarin: From The Aspect Of Generative Grammar
14:30WU Juan
Discerning the grammatical creations in the Chinese Buddhist translations: the case of wei-mo-jie jing (Vimalakirtinirdesa-sutra)
HUANG Wan-Ju + YU Hui-Jyun
On the Phonological Processes in Korean Accented Mandarin
14:50WASILEWSKA, Halina
Orthography of the traditional Yi writing
LÜ Cui-Ping and WU Yu-hsien
Nasalization in Child Mandarin
15.10MIGLIAZZA, Brian Ethnologue 16th Edition- Coming Soon! 
15:30 – 15:50BREAK
 PANEL: VariousPANEL: Nakhi and Kachin
15:50SANDS, Kathy
Languages with Trivocalics: Proposed Linguistic Universals and Tibeto-Burman Languages
LIDZ, Liberty
Non-systemic ergativity, anti-ergativity, and grammaticalization in Yongning Na (Mosuo)
16:10LEHMAN, Kris
The puzzle of loun:gyi: tin tahcaung: ngin in Burmese: a problem in phonetics and history
Approaching the tone system of Yongning Na (TB)
16:30IKEDA Takumi
Spotlights to the decipherment of the Nam language
CHANG Ya-yin, ZHU Yongqiang + CUI Lei
The Category of Postverbal Particles in Naxi and Grammaticalization
16:50IWASA, Kazue
Problems and prospects for research on the Yi manuscripts conserved in Europe
PENG Guozhen
Analysis of ‘give’ serializations in Jingpo
17:10HANDEL, Zev
Linguistic typology and the adaptation of Chinese writing to the indigenous languages of Vietnam, Korea and Japan: a preliminary investigation
ZU Xin Vera
On the so-called ‘multiple options’ of sentence-final words in Jingpo, from a minimalist perspective
17.30DUOJIE Dongzhi
On Determinative Sentence in Tun-huang Tibetan Documents
Grammatically conditioned vowel alternation in Lacid (Lashi) in Kachin State
Sunday, 21 September 2008 in the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
9:40Questions and notices from the organisers
 PANEL: QiangicPANEL: Chinese dialects
9:50CHIRKOVA, Katia
Essential characteristics of Lizu and the Lizu-Ersu-Tosu relationship
ZENG Guangping
曾光平 吴语方言词探源
10:10YU, Dominic
The Mianning dialect of Lizu
SIMMONS, Richard
A Core Sample of a Dialect Transition Zone in the Lower Yangtze Watershed
10:30EVANS, Jonathan and HUANG
Chenlong House-Internal Geography in Ronghong Qiang
WU Chinwei + ZENG Weiting
A comparative study of the phonological systems of the Chinese Minnan dialects: Jinmen and Jiayi accent
10:50ZHOU Facheng 周发成 (read by Peter Lester)
A brief discussion of Qiang case markers
TSAO Feng-fu
Diminutive Rime Convergence in Three Chinese Dialects
11:10 SHIH Pei-yu Central vowels in Quemoy dialect
11:30 – 11:50BREAK
11:50DING, Picus Sizhi
Sibling Terminology in Prinmi
On Limbu directionals and locative expressions
12:30KIRYU Kazuyuki
Extended usages of the causative suffix in Kathmandu Newar
12:50HYSLOP, Gwendolyn
Internal word structure in Kurtöp
13:10RAI, Vishnu
Some pragmatic features of the Puma language
13:30CHHANGTE, Lalnunthangi
Idu Mishmi

Further conference information is available on the ICSTLL conference website.

Conference Language

The language of conference presentations will be English. 

41st ICSTLL participants
41st ICSTLL participants



Information on registering for the conference will included in on the ICSTLL conference website. Unfortunately, London is expensive: we anticipate a registration fee rather more than in previous years, but certainly no more than of GBP £75 (£30 for students), subject to change.

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