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Apa Ada Dengan Rina (What’s so special about Rina?)

Ada Apa Dengan Rina
Director: Halif Haji Mohamad, Farid Azlan Ghani

Date: 22 May 2019Time: 4:00 PM

Finishes: 22 May 2019Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Film Screening

Ada Apa Dengan Rina (“What's So Special About Rina”) is a 2013 Bruneian comedy feature film produced by Regalblue Production and directed by Harlif Haji Mohamad and Farid Azlan Ghani.

Ada Apa Dengan Rina is in Brunei Malay, a dialect used by Bruneians every day. This is the first time such dialect being played on big cinema screens. The film is also the first to involve fully local creative and technical expertise including cast members.


Hakim, a handsome man with a high paying job is still looking for his one true love. His housemate, Faisal introduces to him a theory in searching for a perfect significant other. According to it, the perfect person goes by the name Rina. Ironically, Hakim is then introduced to a new marketing manager named Rina. Rina is a beautiful, smart woman whose exceptional beauty has win the hearts of her colleagues including Hakim. Spending a lot of time working on a big project for the company together, Hakim and Rina get closer to each other each day. Seeing the blossoming relationship, Hakim’s mother and friend start pushing him to marry Rina.

Apa Ada Dengan Rina (What’s so special about Rina?)
(2013, Brunei)
Run time: 1 hour 44 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Directed by Halif Haji Mohamad and Farid Azlan Ghani
Subtitles in English

Organiser: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, London Committee in collaboration with the SOAS Centre of South East Asian Studies

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