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Present in Venice: Extensive Philippine Locality in the Contemporary

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Professor Patrick D. Flores (Professor of Art Studies at the Department of Art Studies at the University of the Philippines)

Date: 29 October 2015Time: 5:15 PM

Finishes: 29 October 2015Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: B111 (Kindly note the change of venue, thank you)

Type of Event: Seminar

Kindly make note of the change of venue, thank you

The paper focuses on the Philippine Pavilion in Venice in 2015 as the trajectory of a discussion of what it means to set up a national pavilion in Venice at this time. It reflects on this gesture that is also an opportunity to tell the story of the kind of modernity that permits and pressures this gesture. It is built around the film Genghis Khan, done in Manila in 1950 by Manuel Conde and Carlos Francisco, the first film ever on the exceptional conqueror. Around it are contemporary art projects that propose reflections on the conditions of the current world, particularly the dispute over the South China Sea, as well as on the long arc of cosmology and conquest: Jose Tence Ruiz’s bricologe of a slum fortress, Manny Montelibano’s video of fringes and soundscape of radio and epic, and David Medalla’s flaneuries. The Philippine Pavilion seeks to propose a conversation with the Biennale’s question on “all the world’s futures” through an argument of world making from the archipelago.  

Speaker Biography

Patrick D. Flores is Professor of Art Studies at the Department of Art Studies at the University of the Philippines, which he chaired from 1997 to 2003, and Curator of the Vargas Museum in Manila. He is Adjunct Curator at the National Art Gallery, Singapore. He was one of the curators of Under Construction: New Dimensions in Asian Art in 2000 and the Gwangju Biennale (Position Papers) in 2008. He was a Visiting Fellow at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in 1999 and an Asian Public Intellectuals Fellow in 2004. Among his publications are Painting History: Revisions in Philippine Colonial Art (1999); Remarkable Collection: Art, History, and the National Museum (2006); and Past Peripheral: Curation in Southeast Asia (2008). He was a grantee of the Asian Cultural Council (2010) and a member of the Advisory Board of the exhibition The Global Contemporary: Art Worlds After 1989 (2011) organized by the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe and member of the Guggenheim Museum’s Asian Art Council (2011 and 2014). He co-edited the Southeast Asian issue with Joan Kee for Third Text (2011). He convened in 2013 on behalf of the Clark Institute and the Department of Art Studies of the University of the Philippines the conference “Histories of Art History in Southeast Asia” in Manila. He was a Guest Scholar of the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles in 2014.

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Organiser: Co-organized by CSEAS and Batubalani Arts Project

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