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Vietnamese music

Saigoneer - 09/12/16

Article on SOAS Radio podcast on Vietnamese music

Thai monarchy

BBC News - 28/10/16

SOAS Student Edoardo Siani interviewed on developments in the Thai monarchy

Extraditions requests

Deutsche Welle, Reuters - 25/10/16

Verapat Pariyawong commented on extradition requests from Thailand

Indonesia Kontemporer

Netral News - 09/10/16

Ben Murtagh mentioned in a piece on an event at Indonesia Kontemporer

Nutrition in Cambodia

Cambodia Daily - 27/09/16

Bhavani Shankar’s research featured in an article on nutrition in Cambodia

The Big vigilantism
Zeit - 18/09/16
In an article written by SOAS graduate Vanessa Vu, Dr Michael Buehler explained how Southeast Asia's legal systems give rise to populist politicians

Inside Story - Will Thailand's New Constitution lead to Stability?
Al Jazeera - 18/09/16
Verapat Pariyawong interviewed on Thailand’s new constitution.

Death Penalty in Indonesia
Radio France International - 18/09/16
Dr Michael Buehler discussed how death penalty will not solve Indonesia's drug crime.

UK Economic Multiplier Effect Out of Europe
BBC Indonesia - 15/08/16
Dr Ben Murtagh interviewed on the effects of Brexit

How Islamic Values Sparked a Halal Travel Boom
Ozy - 15/08/16
Dr Michael Buehler quoted in an article on Muslims and the travel and leisure industry

Banteay Chhmar
International Business Times - 15/08/16
Dr Peter Sharrock quoted in an article on how Cambodia's ancient cities are boosting tourism and community development

Christiana Figueres launches UN secretary general bid
Climate Home - 15/08/16
Christiana Figueres launches UN secretary general bid

Textiles From Around The World
Selvedge Magazine - 15/08/16
Feature of an article on the Brunei Gallery’s World Ikat Textiles exhibition

Apollo Online: Airborne technology is revealing Cambodia’s extraordinary medieval history. Dr Peter Sharrock discussed how large historic sites are discovered in reference to Angkor Wat in Cambodia

ABC News: Thai King marks 70 years on the throne. Dr Buehler discussed Thailand's King, the world's longest-serving head-of-state, marks 70 years on the throne.

BBC Russian: Russian Defence Contractors - Michael Buehler discussed how Russian defence contractors will profit from lifting of the US embargo on lethal arms sales to Vietnam 

Foreign Policy Chicago Tribune: Interviewed Dr Michael Buehler on the Malaysia widening 1MDB corruption scandal in "Is Malaysia's single-party state starting to crack?" article

Monocle 24: On Episode 1160 Dr Michael Buehler interviewed on the presidential race in the Philippines

Monocle 24: On Episode 1161 Dr Carlo Bonura discussed the news in Southeast Asia

Travel Mole: Belmond launches themed expert-led Myanmar river sailings. With first river journey departing on August 16 for a 12-night journey, guests will be joined by Justin Watkins

Monocle 24: Dr Michael Buehler discussed Indonesian president Joko Widodo's visit to the UK

Cambodia Daily: In 'Remote Angkorian Monument Ready for Makeover' Prof Ashley Thompson was quoted in an article on the Banteay Chhmar temple complex

Bloomberg: In an article 'Small Town Hero Lures China Investment Without Jakarta Red Tape' Prof Michael Buehler quoted on how the decentralization of power has shaped local governance in Indonesia

Luxury Travel Magazine: In an article 'Discover more in Myanmar' Prof Justin Watkin talk  on the expert-cruise he will host to enable guests to explore lesser known parts of Myanmar

La Stampa: In an article titled 'The web challenge for Burma San Suu Kyi' Elisa Oreglia, commented on Myanmar and digital revolution

The Philippine Star: Featured an article on SOAS’s plan to offer a program on Philippine studies and the recent visit of the Philippine Ambassador to the School. 

Monocle Radio: Michael Buehler interviewed on the Arms Trade in Southeast Asia

KPFK (Los Angeles): Michael Buehler was interviewed on the Sunnylands summit

Financial Times: Michael Buehler quoted in an article on the Indonesian government’s demand that social networks take down emoticons depicting same sex couples

Monocle Radio: Michael Buhler interviewed on Jakarta's plans to boost growth by deregulating the economy

Monocle Radio: Michael Buehler interviewed on the 1mdb scandal corruption scandal in Malaysia

Monocle 24: Michael Buehler was interviewed on the social media clampdown in Cambodia. 

Sky News: Michael Buehler provided extensive commentary on the attacks in Burkina Faso.

BBC and Monocle24: Michael Buehler provided extensive commentary on the Jakarta attacks across BBC Radio 5, BBC World Service, BBC "Mornings with Adrian Goldberg" and Monocle24.

Financial Times: Michael Buehler  was cited on the Jakarta Attacks.

Monocle24: Michael Buehler commented on the role of the government in illegal Rosewood trade in Laos

Times Higher Education: SOAS academic Michael Buehler featured in article 'SOAS academic targeted over Indonesia claims' 

Bloomberg: Michael Buehler commented on alleged corruption in Indonesian politics

BBC World News: Michael Buehler commented on the Myanmar's general elections

Myanmar TimesMichael Buehler provided comment on the elections in Myanmar

New Mandela: Michael Buehler published article on the Indonesian government's use of a US lobbying firm. Follow up statements also provided - 13/11/2015

Monocle 24: Michael Buehler discussed the role of radical Buddhist groups in Myanmar's election campaign

The Jakarta Post: Ben Murtagh featured in article 'Decoding Indonesia's Past'

VoA News: SOAS conference seminar, organised by Michael Buehler, 'Indonesia’s Anti-Leftist Violence in Comparative Perspective' reported

Monocle 24: Michael Buehler commented on the 50th anniversary of the anti-communist massacres in Indonesia

Monocle Daily: Michael Buehler interviewed on Joko Widodo's plans to deregulate the Indonesian economy

Monocle Radio Globalist Programme: Carlo Bonura discussed the rejection of the draft constitution by Thailand's National Reform Council (00:06:00) - 11/09/2015

BBC News 24, BBC London 94.9, BBC 5 Live and Newsnight: Carlo Bonura, Enze Han and visiting scholar Verapat Pariyawong provided extensive commentary on the bomb explosion in Bangkok. SOAS cited in extensive following the sad news that a SOAS student, who studied briefly at the School, died in the blast - 18/08/2015

The Jakarta Post: Michael Buehler commented on Islamic bylaws in Indonesia - 10/08/2015

BBC News Magazine: Christopher Gerteis and Ian Brown featured in the article on the Dulwich Boys who studied Japanese in the early 1940s at SOAS

The Guardian: Michael Buehler commented on the PM's visit to Malaysia - 28/07/2015

Nikkei Asian Review
: Michael Buehler interviewed on the PM's visit to Indonesia - 28/07/2015

Islam Channel: Michael Buehler interviewed on the Islam Channel on the decommissioning of MILF rebels in the Southern Philippines - 19/06/2015

Sky, BBC and ITN: Michael Buehler provided commentary on the Briton arrested in Malaysia for posing nude on Mount Kinabalu - 11/06/2015

Monocle 24 'The Monocle Daily': Michael Buehler on pressure from Islamist parties on the Indonesian government to react to the Rohingya crisis; the arrest of senior Thai bureaucrats for being involved in the trafficking of Rohingya refugee; and a controversial US policy to deport convicted - 21/05/2015 US-Cambodians to Cambodia

The Independent: Rachel Harrison commented on the case against the former Thai Prime Minister who has pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal negligence - 19/05/2015

NPR: Michael Buehler quoted on the Rohingya crisis in Southeast Asia - 15/05/2015

Arab48: Nimer Sultany published an article on Arab conservative thought with western and religious thought.

Monocle24's 'The Globalist': Dr Michael Buehler on the execution of Bali Nine Ringleaders for drugs trafficking - 07/05/2015
Listen now

Monocle 24: Dr Michael Buehler discussed the diplomatic fall-out from the executions in Indonesia, China's land reclamation project in the South China Sea, the discovery of 'death camps' along the Thai/ Malaysian border and reports from Malaysia that around 1300 organized crime syndicates in the country are run by women.- 07/05/2015
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Polskie Radio: Dr Michael Buehler interview on the execution of the Bali Nine Ringleaders in Indonesia - 07/05/2015
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International Business Times: Vietnamese refugee 40 years after fall of Saigon: 'I'll never forget' 
"Dana Healy, head of the South East Asia department at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, told IBTimes UK that for many Vietnamese, the relevance of the war in their day-to-day lives is diminishing. However, she added, the war remains an important propaganda tool for the government, which still officially refers to it as the War of National Salvation Against the Americans." - 30/04/2015

Indonesia's dramatic executions hide the real problem
Al Jazeera - 28/04/2015
Article by Dr Michael Buehler

Bloomberg Business News: Indonesia Under Widodo Shifts From ‘Zero-Enemies’ Diplomacy - 23/04/2015
"To shoot drug dealers, to sink fishing vessels and lash out at foreign multilateral agencies are highly symbolic, but we’ve heard little in terms of actual foreign policy strategy,” Michael Buehler, a lecturer in international studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, said by phone."

Monocle 24: Dr Michael Buehler a guest on the programme. - 07/04/2015
Political dynasties in Indonesia, why the new capital of Burma remains a ghost town 10 years after it has been built, the latest moves of General Prayut to establish himself as a military dictator in Thailand and how Brunei managed to become the first country in Southeast Asia to be measles free.
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BBC World Service: On Language Location - 27/03/2015
Dr Justin Watkins sheds light on the "linguistic land grab" in Myanmar
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Bloomberg: You Won't Be Able to Buy Beer at Your Neighborhood Store in Indonesia Soon - 27/03/2015
"Implementation of the beer regulation is likely to be patchy and skirtable by bribery, according to Michael Buehler, a lecturer in comparative politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, who has carried out research on local Shariah laws."

Phoenix TV:
Dr Michael Buehler interview on Lee Kuan Yew- 24/03/2015
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Monocle 24: Dr Michael Buehler
commented on footage that shows Southeast Asian children being trained by ISIS in Syria and explained how this could potentially shape politics in the region. - 19/03/2015
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The Malaysian Insider: Men in charge? Not today- 11/03/2015
"I was very privileged having been extended an invitation to attend a conference last Saturday entitled “Men in Charge?” at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London."

Global Business Guide Indonesia: Will Indonesia Become a Net Importer of Natural Gas by 2020?
"Secondly, shortages may arise because of insufficient long-term investment in exploration and development of gas fields, as Michael Buehler, Lecturer at SOAS, University of London, points out..."

Monocle Radio's 'The Globalist': Michael Buehler discussed on how the execution of two Australian nationals in Indonesia will affect diplomatic relations between the two countries
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Monocle Daily: Michael Buehler on how Singaporean's conservative work culture prevents women from climbing up the corporate ladder
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Reuters: Indonesia's president drops police chief candidate after weeks of indecision - 18/02/2015
"Jokowi's hesitation in appointing Gunawan has deepened rifts between him and a faction of his PDI-P," political analyst Michael Buehler said in a note."

Voice of America: Michael Buehler interviewed by Voice of America on imprisonment of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia- 16/02/2015

CommentVision: Dr Harald Heubaum interviewed on the prospects for a climate treaty to come out of COP21 in Paris later this year - 10/02/2015
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Responding to Climate Change: Angela Merkel: The green realist who could make or break a climate deal- 09/02/2015
"And the current coalition has given energy intensive industries lots of “carve-outs”, protecting them from policies designed to reduce emissions, says SOAS climate policy expert Harald Heubaum. “I see a conflict there.”

Nikkei Asian Review: Widodo faces crisis over police chief saga - 23/01/2015
"I think Jokowi simply underestimated the public outcry that the appointment would create because he probably thought that the police were not all that important in the public imagination about reform," said Michael Buehler, a Southeast Asia specialist at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies."

Monocle Programme: Dr Michael Buehler is a guest on the programme and provides commentary on the Aviation industry in Southeast Asia; the appointment of the first Roman Catholic cardinal from Myanmar by Pope Francis; on transnational crime within the ASEAN region and the future of medical tourism in Southeast Asia - 06/01/2015
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