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Centre for the Study of Japanese Religions


Centre Chair

Dr Lucia Dolce
Chair, Centre for the Study of Japanese Religions
Lucia Dolce
Japanese religious history, especially the medieval period; Japanese Tantric Buddhism and the esotericisation of religious practice; Millenarian writings and prophecy; Kami-Buddhas associations
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  • Room: 342
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Advisory Board

SOAS Members

Dr Meri Arichi
Meri Arichi

History of Japanese Art, Buddhist Art of Japan in context

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  • Room: B302
  • Academic Support Hours: Tuesdays 3-4pm
Dr Fabio Gygi
Fabio Gygi

Japanese society, material culture, medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural history

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  • Room: 562
  • Academic Support Hours: Wednesdays 9-11am email for appointment

Dr Antonello Palumbo
Staff Silhouette

Ideological history of pre-modern China; Chinese religions, notably Taoism and Buddhism; history of the Buddhist canon in China; Manichaeism and Iranian influences in medieval China; Chinese cultural relations with Central Asia

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  • Room: 345
  • Academic Support Hours: Friday 12:00-2:00pm - Term 2
Professor Timon Screech
Timon Screech
History of Japanese art; Edo painting; contacts between Japan and Europe in the 18th century; history of science in Japan; the theory of art history
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  • Room: B408
  • Academic Support Hours: On leave (2020-2021)

Associate Members

Research Associates

Professor Cosimo Zene
Research Associate
Cosimo Zene

Anthropology of religion, theory in the study of religions, continental philosophy, Gramsci and religion, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, minorities (Dalits), mysticism and heresy, non-Western Christianities, Mediterranean anthropology; South-Asia (India, Bangladesh), Sardinia, world philosophies.

Dr Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen
Research Associate
Anne-Mette Fisker-Nielsen

Japanese politics, religion and civil society in Japan, anthropology of politics, and social theory.

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  • Room: 502
  • Academic Support Hours: Fridays 13:30-14:30, and by appointment