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Continuing the Conversation: THE SOAS-OXFORD Research for Development (R4D) Lunchtime Series

An informal space to discuss all aspects of ODA-funded, development-oriented research: from ethics to impact and everything in between.

Following a stimulating workshop on the ethics of international research held at Oxford last July and the important conversation event recently hosted at SOAS, Oxford University and SOAS are introducing a new initiative to continue the conversation and to encourage an open, collaborative, and sustainable approach to developing ethical, reflexive and impactful international research. This lunchtime series aims to bring together researchers, students and facilitators to learn, discuss and share insights on specific aspects of ODA-funded research in an informal, interactive and thought-provoking space. Each event will be hosted either by the University of Oxford or SOAS with audiences connected via webcast and live tweet, and we are inviting you to join in the conversation.

Joining from wherever you are

Each event will be livestreamed so that individuals can participate remotely.  

Creating a web of conversations

We recognise that universities in the UK and internationally are faced with similar questions and have in-house specialists and researchers who are concerned about issues around international development practice. Through this initiative we hope to link conversations happening across contexts to achieve better learning and to develop good practices together. We are hoping you will join us. All you need to do is:

  • Find a suitable room at your organisation capable of receiving the webcast.
  • Identify a facilitator who is knowledgeable about the topic.
  • Invite your colleagues to join you to listen in, tweet, discuss, and feedback!

To explain the concept further for discussions happening at Oxford, SOAS will join from its London venue with its in-house facilitators. The two sites will be connected via webcast and a live tweet, enabling SOAS participants to feed questions to Oxford University presenters. Conversely, when events happen at SOAS, Oxford will join from its respective venue in Oxford, with a local facilitator leading the conversation in-house. Facilitators in each setting will communicate with each other after the event to share and summarise lessons from the day, later to be shared with the public.

We encourage other universities in the UK and internationally not to miss out on the conversation! Join us and help us expand the circle of learning! We envision this as an environmentally friendly, practical and interactive way to explore important issues in development research and to build capacity together. 

Lunch will be provided free of charge at all events in the series.

For further guidance, please email

Maru Mormina (Oxford):
Romina Istratii (SOAS):

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