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Department of Development Studies

Honorary Appointments

The Department of Development Studies welcomes applications for Honorary Appointments.

There are three different titles under the honorary appointment scheme: Visiting Scholars, Research Associates and Senior Fellows. Please read the following carefully before applying.

Visiting Scholars

This is granted by the Department to a recognised scholar from a university outside the UK, who is known to the Department or Centre, and wishes to spend a stated period of no more than 12 months with the Development Studies Department. 

A bench fee is required and charged at the rate of £2,200 per annum plus VAT (or £2,640 inclusive), or £220 per month plus VAT (or £264 inclusive) for periods of less than a year.  The bench fee is payable two weeks before your arrival.  Failure to pay in advance may result in library access not being available at the time of your induction. Payment is done via the SOAS online store.

Privileges include: Full membership of the SOAS Library, including off-site electronic resource access, subject to publishers’ restrictions; SOAS login, email account and staff web page; use of the Staff Common Room and attendance at public lectures and seminars.

For more information please see Honorary Appointments

Research Associates 

The titles of ‘Research Associate’, ‘Post-Doctoral Research Associate’ or ‘Professorial Research Associate’ designate an honorary status offered by the Department or Centre to individuals known to a recommending unit wishing to work with or affiliate their work with the Department or Centre. Research Associates may or may not be physically present in the School for the duration of their appointment, but are expected to play an active part in the School’s research.

Professorial Research Associates should be distinguished scholars with professorial status accorded by a reputable higher education. 

Research Associate and Professorial Research Associates will normally be for up to two years, but with provision for extension if requested and there is evidence of productive collaboration with the School.  

Post-Doctoral Research Associates should be recently-graduated PhD students of the School, who wish to continue their affiliation to the School in order to publish the results of their doctoral research and/or develop new projects. The title of Post-Doctoral Research Associate is for two years, and is non-renewable.

Fee: Individuals can apply for Borrowing Membership at the SOAS Library at a cost of £200 per annum or £100 for 6 months.  

Privileges include: Reference-only Library membership, including walk-in access to some electronic resources; use of Staff Common Room and (for Post-Doctoral Research Associates) the SOAS Doctoral School; attendance at lectures and seminars; SOAS login, email account and staff web page and use of the School’s affiliation in giving public lectures or submitting material for publication.

Application Process

For further information on the Application Process, please see Honorary Appointments.

To apply as a Visiting scholar or Research associate, please read guidelines and submit the following to Christine Djumpah at

All successful applicants must be sponsored by a member of the department. Before applying, applicants will need to make contact with a member of academic staff who is willing to act as mentor during their stay.

If you have any questions about applying for an Honorary Appointment in The Department of Development Studies at SOAS, please contact Christine Djumpah at