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Department of Development Studies

The needle in the haystack: looking for the grass roots in the development forest

Judy El Bushra, SOAS Development Studies Research Associate

Date: 17 February 2016Time: 2:00 PM

Finishes: 17 February 2016Time: 3:00 PM

Venue: 30 Russell Square Room: 102

Type of Event: Seminar

The development profession has become hugely specialised, professionalised, and theorised, but what difference has this made to its impact on the ground? Judy El-Bushra draws on 40 years of experience to explore what works in development, and why, and asks whether the increasing complexity of the profession is in danger of obscuring its essential purpose. Have the fields of development policy and of community development grown so far apart that they no longer share a language in which to speak to each other?

Judy El-Bushra is a SOAS Development Studies Research Associate working in development and peacebuilding with a strong focus on gender, mainly in the Horn of Africa and in East and Central Africa.   Her experience is drawn from many years of working in project implementation, training, management and research in ACORD (the Agency for Co-operation and Research in Development - a development agency working in Africa) and in the peacebuilding agency International Alert, as well as freelance work on gender, peace and conflict.

Organiser: Dr Anna Lindley

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