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PhD Students in the Department of Development Studies

Carolina Alves
Carolina Cristina Alves

Dynamics of the Brazilian Domestic Public Debt: financial trap or a necessity based upon the logic of the financial market (working title)

Giulia Baldinelli
Giulia Baldinelli

Indigenous peoples' migration and agrobiodiversity conservation: exploring connections in the Bolivian Altiplano Norte (provisional title)

Lovleen Bhullar
Lovleen Bhullar

Impact Analysis of Judicial Directives on Water Pollution in India: Relevance for Realization of the Human Rights to Water & Sanitation

Chris Büscher
Chris Büscher

Water and development in a variegated capitalism. Dutch water aid & trade development reproducing and transforming water access in Mozambique

Francesco Formichella
Formichella Francesco

The Value of the Global Value Chains: Fragmentation of Production, Vertically-Specialized Industrialization, and Uneven Capitalist Development (working title)

Sibylle Herzig van Wees
Sibylle Herzig Van Wees

The Role of Faith Based Health Providers in context of Health Reforms in post-1990 Cameroon

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Mohammad Jahirul Hoque
Mohammad Hoque

Cultural, Political and Economic Mechanisms in the Concurrent Processes of Environmental Degradation and Decline of Indigenous Peoples in Bangladesh (working title)

Neha Kagal
Neha Kagal

Broadly my thesis is looking at the impact of unionization of informal sector women workers in India on bargaining relations within the home, with a specific focus on masculinity.

Musa Mckee
Musa McKee

‘Just Add Water’ - The Alchemy of Authoritarian Rule in Large-Scale Agricultural and Residential Developments in Egyptian Deserts during the Mubarak Era. (working title)

Marco Mogiani
Marco Mogiani

The European and national policies on migration and asylum and their impact on the physiognomy of the port of entries and on the migration patterns in the Greek-Turkish border in the last twenty years. (Working title)

Aruna Pandey
Aruna Pandey

Institutional Models to Resolve Conflicts over Natural Resource Governance: Role of Community Enterprises and Solidarity Economy

Keston K. Perry
Keston Perry

Coalitions, capacity and capitalist development: the political dynamics and governance of technological change with specific reference to Trinidad and Tobago

Bilge Sahin
Sahin Bilge - BS42 DEV

Bringing Justice to the People: Developing Access to Justice to Fight Conflict-related Sexual Violence Crimes and Challenging Gender Performance in North-Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Jo Tomkinson
Joanne Kathryn Tomkinson

National policymaking and the problem of policy space: A review of economic development strategies in Ethiopia and Vietnam (working title)

Bereket Tsegay
Bereket Tsegay

Green Economy for Climate Mitigation and Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa: Exploring the Role of Carbon Finance in Ethiopia

Aled Williams
Aled Williams

Shaping Room for Manoeuvre: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation as a Forest Policy Choice in Indonesia (working title)

Recently Completed PhDs
  • Entrepreneurship and SME Sector Development in Post-genocide Rwanda:  A search for the 'Missing Middle' (2016)
  • Occupation, Politics and Formation of the Iraqi NGO Sector (2016)
  • The Acceleration of Privatisation in Turkey: Why in the last decade?  (2016)
  • The Growth of Higher Education in Somaliland: Implications to the Higher Education-Development Nexus (2016)
  • Media Imperialism in the Age of Globalisation - The Case of India and Pakistan (2016)
  • From Impartiality to Humanitarian Triage: An Ethnography of Three Non-Governmental Projects in Pakistan (2016)
  • Industrialising China, Escaping Labour: Economic Development and the Agency of Migrant Labour in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province (2016)
  • Reinventing the Wheel: Labour, Development and Global Car Production in Post-1970s China and Mexico (2016)
  • Fighting for Patronage: American counterinsurgency and the Afghan Local Police (2015)
  • A Political Economy of Water in Lebanon: Water Resource Management, Infrastructure Production, and the International Development Complex (2015)
  • Post-conflict Agrarian Change in Angonia: Land, Labour and the Organization of Production in the Mozambique-Malawi Borderland (2015)
  • The Political Economy of Development Finance: The BNDES and Brazilian Industrialisation (2015)
  • Narrating Peace: Somaliland Women's Experiences with Post-Conflict Reconstruction (2015)
  • Hezbollah, a Historical Materialist Analysis (2015)
  • Ordinary & Extraordinary Resistances: The Struggle for Land and Space by the Palestinian Citizens of Israel (2015)
  • The State, Society and International Interventions in Timor-Leste: Creating Conditions for Violence? (2015)
  • Integrating Social and Clinical Services for Improving Maternal Health Care: Lessons from Mali and Ghana (2015)
  • Local Governance in the Age of Liberal Interventionism: Governance Relations in the post-2001 Afghanistan (2015)
  • Bringing Operaismo to Gurgaon: a study of labour composition and resistance practices in the Indian Auto Industry (2015)
  • The State, Society and International Interventions in Timor-Leste: Creating Conditions for Violence? (2015)
  • In the Cracks of the Big City: What Economic Opportunities for Palestinian-Origin Jordanians of East Amman since 1989? (2015)
  • Food Sovereignty and the Via Campesina in Mexico and Ecuador: Class Dynamics, Struggles for Autonomy and the Politics of Resistance (2015)
  • Class Interest Shapes Political Decisions: a case-study of agricultural policies in post-liberalisation Indian states of Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Karnataka (2015)
  • Political Economy of Neoliberal Approaches to Conflict Resolution and Statebuilding in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 1993-2013  (2015)
  • Postconflict Borderlands: the Micro-dynamics of Violence in Nepal's Central-Eastern Tarai, 2007-2009 (2014)
  • New Social Movements and Media: The Case of the Justice for Bhopal Movement in India (2014)
    Narratives of Human Rights: Universal Concepts Brought into Focus Through the Lenses of Life Stories - HIV, Stigma and Law in Malawi (2014)
  • Social Boundaries, Political Elite Bargains and (Dis)order in Guinea-Bissau, 1974-1998 (2014)
    'Making our own means': Counter-Narratives in Squatter Memories of Violence, Resistance and Transition in the Western Cape (2014)
  • The Political Economy of the Kurdish Question in Turkey: De-Development in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia (2014)
  • The interface between central and local interests in Malawi's democratic decentralisation: The case of Salima District Council (2014)
  • The consequences of co-option: NGOs, the Left and social change in Nepal (2014)
  • The Price of Protection - Gender, violence and power in Afghanistan (2013)
  • Cooperative Enterprises and Agricultural Development - The Case of Lebanon (2013)
  • Political Economy of Rural Female Labour: A Study of Labour Relations in East Uttar Pradesh (UP), India (2013)
  • Liberal Cosmopolitan and Realist Approaches to Gulf Wars 1991 and 2003: The Role of Discourse in Decision Making (2012; Ahmed Ijaz Malik)
  • Negotiating War and the Liberal Peace: National NGOs, Legitimacy and the Politics of Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka 2006-7 (2010)
  • The Architecture of Production and Labour Control in the Indian Garment Industry: Informalisation and Upgrading in the Global Economy (2009)
  • Youth in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Exploring Transition, Globalization and Youth Culture in the Ferghana Valley (2009)
  • The Politics of Development in Rural Rajasthan (India): Evidence from Water Conservation and Watershed Development Initiatives since the Early 1990s (2009)
  • Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Development in Ghana with Reference to the Tamale Municipal Assembly (2008)
  • Building an African World Class City: The Politics of World City Making in Johannesburg, South Africa (2008)
  • (The Production of) Who Is A Refugee? (2008)