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Some of the things our students and alumni have said about us:

Louise Callaghan

BA Development Studies and History

DEV - UG - Louise Callaghan - BA Development Studies and History - IMG - 240,186,165,56

Working in the Middle East, it was a huge advantage to have been at SOAS because you make all these connections that you can use later on in life.

Ahmad Al-Raashid

MSc Violence, Conflitct and Development 2016 - 2017


The programme was highly recommended to me by some friends who studied it and went on to excel in their careers afterwards.

Joe Buckley

MSc Labour, Social Movements and Development

Joe Buckley

Deciding to come here will be one of the greatest decisions you ever make. You will find a warm, welcoming second home in the centre of London.

Daniel Campbell

BA Development Studies 2015 - 2018

Daniel Campbell - BA Development Studies 2015- 2018

It had always been my dream to work in the humanitarian sector but having left school at 16, I lacked the necessary academic background to do so. As it is possible to argue that every humanitarian crisis is intrinsically linked to a contexts underlying development, I wanted to study a degree in International Development to enable me to look at crises holistically.

Ivan Dunduro

MSc Research for International Development 2013 - 2014

Ivan Dunduro

The course outline fit exactly what areas I wanted to develop professionally as a Monitoring and Evaluation professional.

Roku Foku, Vassar College

Study Abroad Programme

Roku Foku

The lecturers are passionate about teaching and the students have a passion to learn.

Jason Hill, Tufts University

Study Abroad Programme

Jason Hill

SOAS has exceeded my expectations; in fact, I could not be happier with my lecturers and their courses

Matthew Juden

MSc Research for International Development 2013 - 2014

Matt Juden - MSc Research for International Development 2013 - 2014 Photo

This programme was a perfect way for me to take my background in philosophy and apply it to a set of real-world problems, as well as urgent questions of how best to investigate those problems.

Nina Kaysser

MPhil Development Studies

Nina Kaysser

The past two years at SOAS have been most challenging and stimulating at the same time.

Ingrida Kerusauskaite

BA Development Studies and Politics

Ingrida Kerusauskaite

SOAS is a unique University that combines both academic excellence and a vibrant, active and innovative student body.

Roohi Khanna

MSc Research for International Development 2013 - 2014

Roohi Khanna - MSc Research for International Development 2013 - 2014 Photo

I was keen to enrol onto a masters programme that offered practical skills and knowledge that could be applied in a non-academic professional context

Katalin Kovacs

BA African Studies and Development Studies

Katalin Kovacs

To be here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I can develop my academic skills and grow personally. My studies have been exciting and rewarding.

Saliha Majeed-Hajaj

MSc Migration, Mobility and Development 2012-2013

Saliha Majeed-Hajaj - DEV - MMD alumni

I wanted to study the MSc Migration, Mobility and Development because it felt like a really innovative programme

Freya Mohamed

MSc Environment, Politics and Development 2017 - 2018

Freya Mohamed

With a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology, I did not feel as though I was suitably qualified to follow my career dreams. After doing some research, I found SOAS’s Department of Development Studies and saw that they offered an MSc in Environment, Politics and Development.

Robtel Neajai Pailey

PhD Development Studies

Robtel Neajai Pailey

Above all, being at SOAS is like coming ‘home’. It’s a place where I feel entirely comfortable in my own skin, while also being challenged to question who I am, and what I stand for.

Rebecca Newsom

MSc Environment, Politics and Development 2013/14

Rebecca Newson

I had been working for a communications agency for several years prior to going to SOAS, and hadn’t quite found my passion at work. I knew I wanted to work in the field of environmental politics, and I wanted to set myself up for that.

Nuren Sherali Parpia

BA Development Studies and Africa

Nuren Sherali-Parpia

SOAS provides students with plenty of flexibility to explore their talents and discover new ones

Mikaela Parrack

BA South Asian Studies and Development Studies

Mikaela Parrack

My choice to study at SOAS was the best decision I ever made; being a student here is an exciting and unique experience.

Mia Eskelund Pedersen

BA Arabic and Development Studies

Mia Eskelund Pedersen

The atmosphere at SOAS is incredibly stimulating, and learning in an environment with such a diverse group of engaged students has really made for a very unique learning experience.

Edwin Price

MSc Development Studies 2017-18

Edwin Price - MSc Development Studies - DEV student profile

Prior to undertaking the MSc in Development Studies at SOAS, I worked at a private sector organisation as a consultant and researcher.

Maryam Ramadan

BA Social Anthropology and Development Studies

Maryam Ramadan

Truly, deeply and sincerely, I love my time at SOAS and I cannot but seriously recommend that you choose to come here. I guarantee you that you will feel like part of the ‘family’ straightaway!

Lucy Rawlings

MSc Globalisation and Development

DEV - PG - 2017 - Lucy Rawlings - MSc Globalisation and Development images 240,186,165t,56t

SOAS has offered me a truly international education that I do not feel I could’ve received anywhere else.

Anna Sowa

MSc Migration Mobility and Development 2010-2011

Anna Sowa

I was grateful to be able to continue learning Arabic during my MSc at SOAS and was encouraged by academics to go for relevant opportunities

Caitlin Sturridge

MSc Migration, Mobility and Development, 2009-2010

DEV - LSS - MSc Migration Mobility Development - PG - Caitlin Rachel Sturridge

The Department of Development Studies benefits from world-leading migration specialists engaged in an array of innovative research projects.

Jo Tomkinson

MPhil/PhD International Development

Jo Tomkinson

SOAS is an utterly special institution, unrivalled both in the UK and internationally. It is a space where ideas at the margins of the academic mainstream develop, flourish and spread.

Josephine Tsui

MSc Globalisation and Development

Josephine Tsui

The flexibility of the department to customize my classes was extremely appreciated so I could focus on the gendered component of globalisation.

Fayrouz Yousfi

MSc Globalisation and Development 2016 - 2017


I joined the Department of Development Studies at SOAS because of the quality of the course it provides and its critical approach to the industry of international development.

Katherine Wycisk, Wake Forest University

Study Abroad Programme

Katherine Wycisk

Londoners are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and one conversation will shatter forever the image of the British as cold and aloof.